Whiskey Train Tee

October 24th, 2019 | by Energy Rock Staff
Whiskey Train Tee
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It’s finally here Brew Crew Nation family! The hottest Energy Rock Radio saying of 2019! We all know The RyeMan loves to partake in whiskey sipping, and one day this slogan just poured out of his mouth and it couldn’t have been more perfect! If you like the hard liquor, but like RyeMan, seem to stop at all four train stations, then this tee is for you!

Here is the explanation of “train stations” meaning of the tee:

Station 1: Happiness ( You’re very excited to be doing whatever it is you are engaging in. )
Station 2: Sadness ( Usually when you’ve had just a bit too much and start to become emotional about something or someone )
Station 3: Anger/Rage ( When you’ve had too much and something just doesn’t sit right with you, and you voice/act on it )
Station 4: Drunk Dialing/Calling (You’ve gone too far, and now there’s no other option but to try and include others in your decision to take this ride tonight )

This shirt is created with the highest quality inks available, which is pressed into the garment for countless wash times without fading.

Complete with the B.C. Customs merchandise tag displaying station owner The RyeMan’s signature and the custom purchaser’s name printed on the garment tag.

Visit the store page.

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