A Rated New Season

It’s that time again! Time to get Rated R, with The RyeMan and Energy Rock Radio’s flagship show, “The Rated RyeMan Show!” Entering into it’s seventh season, we wanted to mix things up a bit for 2017, and more importantly, from a female perspective! We knew that it would have to be a female who knew a thing or two about what really goes on in and around the station, and she had to be someone that wasn’t afraid to speak her mind! We thought of many great candidates for this grand opportunity, but there was only one clear choice! Not only has she known the host since she was 14 years of age and breast-less, but she has no problem putting our favorite prick in his place. That female ladies and gentlemen is non other than, Energy Girl JayCee! Making her on-air debut this past August during the Basement Bash weekend was hard enough with all the chaos, but being able to hang with the boys during the 3-day event was something unseen by any other Energy Girl before her. We welcome JayCee into the fold with open arms and unzipped pants, and we know that adding more “fellopian tubage” to the show will only bring out the best in the worst, RyeMan has to offer!

Don’t miss RyeMan and JayCee‘s debut show on January 1st, with a start time of 12 Noon PST. / 3pm EST. right here! Get ready because this promises to be a whole new level of WTF!

The Rated RyeMan Show™ is from the ever-so-growing brain child of Energy Rock Radio station owner and on-air personality, The RyeMan.

What was once a dream, a thought, an “if only” to be able speak his mind and dish-out explicit content, combined with scantly clad women and beverage consumption, is now a ongoing live rocking phenomenon and a “see to believe” experience.

What began in his parents basement back in 2008, as many “Newbs” do… is now the flagship program – consisting of a multi-level studio in British Columbia, Canada. Spreading across the world to many “Studios B-E” currently. The Rated RyeMan Show™ is now, which most say, sets the standard in “what people want to see and hear” during an online rock n’ talk uncensored radio program. I mean, 106 countries and growing, can’t be wrong right?! [ It’s on the visitor map – – seriously, check it out! ]

Combining his extensive background in graphic arts, a keen eye on what an ever evolving radio audience needs and wants, and a never satisfied thirst to rock, talk, and drink… has set the bar, about as far as we can get it to go – and we need you’re help!

Armed with one hell of a kick-ass studio, green screen production team, multi-cam angled 1080p video angles, not to mention, 12-HD webcam ready chat area, the station and RyeMan himself are ready to take it to the next level — but funds and backing is getting thinner than his hair…[Shhh!]

We urge you to please watch our pain-in-the-ass to put together, Patreon video, to ultimately decide for yourself, if this is a ride you want to be apart of and watch excel to new heights. If you’ve been looking for that “other” radio experience and alternative that you can help grow and nourish, instead of putting your hard earned money into the hands of multi-million dollar companies. You know the kind right? They play the same ol’ tunes, and use the same ol’ on-air catch phrases on the daily.

Please give the show and the station a chance and trust in The Rated RyeMan Show™, The RyeMan & Energy Rock Radio™. We are here to continue to bust our ass for the highest quality programming and radio show experience, you deserve! We PROMISE.


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