RyeMan Live! – January 11th, 2020 – One Xtra Stop

January 12th, 2020 | by Energy Rock Staff
RyeMan Live! – January 11th, 2020 – One Xtra Stop
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– The RyeMan is BACK! Well, not full time… but he got some news that let him sneak in a show!
– RyeMan discusses that his hip surgery will now be anywhere from 10-21 weeks.
– Mr. Jam joins Mrs. Jam on camera spots for the first time
– Uncle Ricco returns to the cams to lip sync along with RyeMan
– Double A Athiest is back, and she’s on the whiskey train as well!
– RyeMan got his blood work back, and it turns out he’s not dying. Not only that, he’s completely fine with no “Herpasyphalaids” or anything at all!
– Krazy Eddie joins the audio orgy and the boys go back in time to a simpler party, and wonder where Lindsay a.k.a SweetAddict has been and if she’s D.E.D.
All this and more on what he is coining “The Whiskey Train” – One Xtra Stop” episode.

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