CHESHRMAN – “He’s Pullin’ For Yah!” Tee

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THE STORY: During one of the latest Energy Rock Radio™​ #RatedRyeManShow broadcasts, we had a full house except for one camera spot… until “Cheshrman” arrived!

Everything seemed normal… booze, girls, content, and tunes… then we noticed that something was just not right.

Now, during this show we had the very beautiful Louise Grant​ of the #SaucySirens on the program, and even though we were all enjoying her company and the visuals, someone was beyond excited and could not contain himself any longer!

“Cheshrman” decided to do “The Cheshrman”(insert arm jerking motion here) and go to town and BEAT IT to a different tune then the show was offering. Even though he was off screen JUST enough… you got a pretty good idea at how much he was ENJOYING the show.

So thus, we have created a limited time, limited printing of the “He’s pullin’ for yah’!” tee available soon at our own #NRGRockerStore and an international signal for #GoTime ORDER FIRST! Contact the station or inbox me! ->


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