NRG Spooktacle 2019

October 27th, 2019 | by Energy Rock Staff
NRG Spooktacle 2019
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We had an amazing 1st Annual NRG Spooktacle! Become an Elite Member to be able to watch it all go down! We are so pleased to have had a lot of amazing costumes come out to participate in the “Best Dressed” contest, for a chance to walk away with at least $100.00.

– Kelly a.k.a “Stranger Danger”, was in the NRG Studios with RyeMan for the first time ever, and he was hilarious even though he was fighting off first appearance jitters!
– Kelly’s girlfriend Jaclyn a.k.a “Lady McTitts” was also in attendance sporting a great costume
– We had a full 8-person game of “You Don’t Know Jack!” as we played “Drawfull” and I have to say it was some of the funniest moments we’ve had in a long while
– Chat room member “Malikite” seemed to turn into his alter ego, and in doing so turned a member of the show on, in a big way!
– Watch Rebel & Punkin both pay homage to station owner The RyeMan, by having two alternate looks for him this night
– The most revealing costume would have to go to Energy Girl 2015 Luna Organa, you’re going to want to becoming an Elite Member, just for this… we promise!

And so much more! Enjoy the free audio version below and consider becoming an Elite Members Area subscriber for over 1000+ hours of content since 2008!
Thanks for an amazing special program that the “NRG Spooktacle 2019” turned out to be!


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