NRG FPW – ReCoil Live! Season 5 – Episode 10 – February 14th, 2020

February 14th, 2020 | by Energy Rock Staff
NRG FPW – ReCoil Live! Season 5 – Episode 10 – February 14th, 2020
Energy FPW

ReCoil Live!

February 14th, 2020

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Show Theme: ECW Wrestling Theme Cover – Javier Drave

We are in full swing towards Survival Series FPV on February 28th, 2020 on this Valentine’s Day edition of ReCoil Live!

Fozzy is in high spirits this week beating Hall and Kaylinx of the N.W.O. putting Hall through a table last week. This week he sees his commentary partner Rebel in singles action against the hot new comer and CITC holder Yanks in the opening contest of the show.

Survival Series teams are starting to become a main focus of the company leading to this month’s FPV.

We will see NXT’s leader of the locker room Adam Cole take on NRG FPW’s ACE in a payback senerio after the interference of Episode 7’s CITC qualifier match, where Cole almost cost ACE his oppertunity hitting him in the back of the head with the knee shot, seemingly to spark a war between the NXT and NRG FPW brands.

The Tag Team Title re-match picture for the Pimp N’ Primate Posse continues this week with a MUST WIN for Brew Monkey as Valentino went to a time limit draw with Tony-T last week causing it to be a do or die situation for a shot at the Tag Team Titles again. If Brew is to win tonight, they will then take on the Bong Brothers next week in another must win normal tag team match leading to the FPV for a final shot at those Tag Team Titles.

Our first of many Captain to be named matches for the Survival Series FPV starts tonight as Samoa Joe takes on the Undertaker to find out who represents the WWE on the 28th of February. That one will be the first ever meeting between the two in ANY wrestling promotion.

The second of the Survival Series Captain matches is also tonight between NRG FPW veteran O.M.D and back from injury Timmy Canuck. The winner of this match will also be able to name their respective team entering the Survival Series 6-Man matches.

This just IN! Jon Moxley is issuing a Valentine’s Day Masacre Match to anyone in the back!

All this and so much more, tonight on this episode of NRG FPW ReCoil!


Singles Match
Rebel Vs. Nick Yanks

It’s Payback Time – Singles Match
ACE vs. Adam Cole

Survival Series Team Captain Match – WWE
Samoa Joe Vs. Undertaker

Survival Series Team Captain Match – Make Your Own Team & Name
Tim Vs. OMD

(Brew Monkey MUST win then they face off in one last tag team non-title match vs. Bong Brothers for No.1)
Davinci Vs. Brew Monkey

Valentine’s Day Masacre Match – Hardcore Title Match
Moxley Vs. ???



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