NRG FPW – ReCoil Live! Season 5 – Episode 07 – January 31st, 2020

January 31st, 2020 | by Energy Rock Staff
NRG FPW – ReCoil Live! Season 5 – Episode 07 – January 31st, 2020
Energy FPW

ReCoil Live!

January 31st, 2020

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Show Theme: ECW Wrestling Theme Cover – Javier Drave

Sources are saying that management is getting closer to finding out who has been behind the attacks to Snow Raider and have been encouraged to come forward, or they will be publically outted.

Toxxik is said to be in one foul mood after being knocked out of the Tag Team Title Tournament picture. Furthermore, he is said to be quite fed up with the rumors circling himself and being involved in Snow Raiders attacks.

World Champion Dustin tries to continue his winning ways with what management is saying is to be his toughest challenge for the No.1 Contender spot yet.

Rebel was seen celebrating after his win last week, as he’s entered into Monday’s CITC Ladder Match. With his winnings, he was said to have spent his winning paycheck on hookers with no teeth and Mountain Dew. Turns out the hookers were 3rd cousins removed.

The final men’s and women’s qualifying matches are tonight for Monday’s Championship in the Case FPV. Who will be joining the field of already qualified competitors?

NRG FPW and Vince McMahon have been in serious talks regarding future roster relationships. Will Vinny Mac make an appearence tonight, or simply remain backstage.

Tonight will see the debut of trainer and student as Riley Flash, trainer for NRG FPW takes on one of his latest graduates Cole Quinn in one of the CITC qualifier.

We are set to see the return of 3 WWE Legends to the ring tonight as Molly Holly, Trish Stratus and Beth Pheonix are set to square off tonight for one of the remaining CITC spots for this Monday!

All this and more with only a few days before our Championship in the Case Free-Per-View this Monday!


Toxxik to open up the show apperently with a challenge to a fight

NRG World Championship No.1 Contender
Dustin Rhodes Vs. ??? ( Dustin’s last challenge before CITC FPV on Monday )

Men’s CITC Qualifier Match – Person #4 of #6
Ace Vs. ???

Men’s CITC Qualifier Match – Person #5 of #6
Cole Quinn Vs. Riley Flash

Women’s CITC Qualifier Match – Person #4 of #6
Molly Holly Vs. Trish Stratus Vs. Beth Pheonix

Women’s CITC Qualifier Match – Person #5 of #6
??? Vs. Sonia Deville

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