NRG FPW – CITC FPV – Season 5 – Episode 08 – February 3rd, 2020

February 1st, 2020 | by Energy Rock Staff
NRG FPW – CITC FPV – Season 5 – Episode 08 – February 3rd, 2020
Energy FPW

Championship In The Case FREE- PER-VIEW

February 3rd, 2020

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Show Theme: Fall Out Boy – Champion

Tentions are at an all time high within Season 5 right now! We are about to head to Survival Series on FPV February 28th, 2020 but first we have a stop at Championship In The Case!

Nick Yanks who accompanied Riley Flash to the ring last week will be in action for the first time starting off the night against a returning Bruce, since he was sidelined with the “Bearded Epidemic”. Not only is it huge pressure to take on one of the veterans of the company, on a Free-Per-View, but Nick Yanks has an oppertunity to join the men’s CITC Ladder Match main event later this evening if he is to beat Bruce. He has certainly ruffled a lot of feathers quickly here in the company. Let’s just hope he hasn’t bit off more then he can chew going into tonight’s program.

The Bong Brothers Davinci and Valentino are said to be the favorites going into NRG FPW first Tag Team Title Match here tonight facing off against the odd couple of the Pimp N’ Primate Posse. Will experience over run speed and confidence? It’s been a hard, long road to get to the Finals tonight, and all we just have left to do is sit back and watch it all unfold. May the best tag team in NRG FPW win tonight, as we crown Tag Champions for the very first time!

When you mention a feud, you think of one group of ladies who have been at each others throats since Episode 1! Tonight, the blood feud will come to an end, but not without a cost and a huge reward! Luna will take on Barbie in a solid steel cage, and the winner will get a Women’s World Heavyweight Title Match tonight against Sarah Logan. Who will have anything left after leaving the steel? And will it be cake work for Logan who looks to retain her championship tonight?

2 cases will hang above the ring tonight, as the men and women of NRG FPW look to become the hunters in regards to those who hold precious gold here in the company. Also remember, that the winner of the men’s CITC ladder match will have complete control in which title they wish to cash in the case for, it does not have to be the World Title this season!

Who will be the mystery woman entrant in the women’s CITC Ladder Match tonight? Heads have been on a swivel with all the appearences from different roster memebers of multiple companies as of late, and not to mention the blatant interference on multiple occations on previous episodes.

Snow Raider has been reported to be at 90% health regardless of the beating he took from ticked off Toxxik this past week. Will Snow Raider be able to focus on retaining his TV Championship, which is now in more turmoil due to the match becoming a triple threat triangle match because of Toxxik’s win over Raider last week. Furthermore, we finally will get answers on who the attackers were who put Snow Raider on the shelf for many weeks.

The NRG FPW Hardcore Title continues to have a little of the AEW flare, as Mox is set to take on Darby Allin in what is sure to be one hellava bloody contest.

All this will go down tonight on our second Free-Per-View of the Season! It’s Championship In The Case 2020, and it’s NOW!


Dark Match – Winner Enters Into Men’s CITC Ladder Match
Nick Yanks Vs. Bruce

Cage Match (Winner gets a Women’s Title Shot Tonight)
Luna Organa Vs. Combat Barbie

NRG FPW Tag Team Title Tournament Finals – Tag Team Championships
Pimp N’ Primate Posse Vs. The Bong Brothers

Men’s CITC Ladder Match
Darby Vs. Stone Cold Vs. Rebel Vs. Quinn Vs. ACE Vs. (Yanks OR Bruce)

Women’s CITC Ladder Match
Ripley Vs. Baizler Vs. Aliyah Rose Vs. Rowsey Vs. Molly Holly Vs. ???

NRG FPW Television Championship
Snow Raider Vs. Bret Hart Vs. Toxxik

NRG FPW Hardcore Championship
Darby Allin Vs. Moxley

NRG FPW Women’s Championship
Sarah Logan Vs. Luna or Combat


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