Enjoy the sixth episode of Season 10!

Enjoy the fifth episode of Season X!

We honor ye’ ol’ Bruce Phyllis on this beautiful melodic episode!

Enjoy the second coming of Season 10, with this lovely episode!

The freakin’ 10th season of the show has arrived!

The boys are back in… ugh, online! It’s another rockin’ show!

Enjoy the soothing sounds of RyeMan’s voice, with this new episode!

The boys are back for another annoying splendid, audio occurrence!

Crack a cold one and enjoy a weekly audio beat down from The RyeMan and company!

It’s time for another rockin’ party, hosted by The RyeMan!

Let’s get ready to rock another live broadcast with The RyeMan.

RyeMan is back with another entertaining weekly episode!

RyeMan is back for another rockin’ broadcast to get you through the week!

Join your leader The RyeMan in another exciting rock broadcast!

The RyeMan is back with another rockin’ broadcast!

It’s a weekly rock fest with your favorite on-air personality, The RyeMan!

RyeMan is back for another Live! broadcast to get you rockin’!

The RyeMan is back with another hard hitting episode! Members Area – Purchase Your Pass / Enter The Elite Members Area

It’s the final show of the Season! We have the very erotic Miss Lonna87 from joining the show to defend her title of “Cumshot Match Game”. Enjoy!

This week we give The Chiv a shout, as we throw it back old school with a special “BeatFactory Throwback” episode. Rock it.

We’re in to breaking necks this week with the return of the almighty Aggression Sessions! Enjoy.

It’s another rockin’ Friday and a free for all of your requests!

This weeks show is dedicated to those who rock cover songs of our favorite hits!

It’s another rockin’ Friday episode from your favorite station!

It’s another great all request Friday to get your weekend under way!

Hey, it’s your ex-girlfriends new boyfriend! It’s RyeMan and he’s LIVE!

We’ve hit the final stretch of Season 9, why not enjoy a strip club vibe!

It’s the annual Energy Rock Radio celebration of Canada turning 151 years old! Cheers!

Check out another soothing, easy listening broadcast from your best friend The RyeMan!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane this week, as we throw it back to the old school! Enjoy.

We kickin’ it old school for another week, son! Enjoy.

We order you up some doubles of awesome during this episode! Enjoy.

Join RyeMan & Lil’ Miss RyeMan again this week as they welcome Brew Monkey in for another edition of the Dysfunctional DJs.

This week RyeMan is joined in studio by Lil’ Miss RyeMan / Cindy for a buncha’ laughs and requests!

RyeMan’s got you rockin’ through the work week! Enjoy.

We’re throwing up deuces this week, and you can’t stop us!

We’re back with the ‘Never have I ever MFer?’ questions this week!

Who will confess? Who will tell the truth, and who will just drink on this weeks episode?!

You want it, you got it! We’re taking all your requests as per usual this week!

Enjoy another few hours with your best friend in radio, The RyeMan!

It’s your favorite team for morning coffee! Enjoy.

It’s another episode featuring your favorite cracker and beaner! Enjoy.

RyeMan & Brew Monkey take over your audio for a splendid time!

This week we only have the HILARIOUS after show, but it was TRANS of fun! Enjoy!

Another symphony of seduction and sadness, brought to you by your conductor The RyeMan.

We made it a decade of disturbing, and this is how we celebrate! Congrats!

Oh good! RyeMan’s live again to entertain the masses!

It’s The RyeMan, and he’s live! How wonderful!

We’re almost half way through this season! Let’s find out how we can break the internet this week!

With the way things are going for Season 9, who knows what the eighth episode has in store for us all!

It’s Free IV All… yeah, even you buddy!

What’s better than one punch in the face? Certainly not two! Good thing this is only music…

Energy Rock Radio’s audio alcohol of choice. It’s two for the price of… well it’s free.

Will it be a lucky number 7 of the season? Find out inside!

Settle down with a nice cup of cocoa while enjoying Season 9’s sixth episode!

Getting by Season 9’s fifth episode with a little help from our friends at

Oh happy day, it’s the 4th show of Season 9!

Oh look! It’s the 3rd episode of Season 9!

The gang is back at it for another week for Season 9!

It’s the debut episode of the new Season 9! Enjoy.

It’s another off-the-wall RyeMan Live broadcast.

The RyeMan is back for another live broadcast!

The RyeMan is back with another hard hitting broadcast.

It’s the +1 of this season, featuring The RyeMan’s friend Amanda Rae in studio this week!

We’re creeping close to the end of the season, but we ain’t done just yet! Find out why!

Enjoy your favorite Rated radio program for another week!

Well it’s finally here! It’s the first Rated show of 2018! Enjoy.

It’s how we like to end another year, the Annual Energy Rock Radio NYE Banger! Enjoy!

Enjoy another episode of the station’s flagship show! Sit back, get loaded and crank it up!

Join RyeMan & Brew Monkey for the 2nd Annual XXX-Mas Party from Monkey Cage Studios.

It’s Christmas time! Let RyeMan Santa and his drunken elves bring the holiday cheer!

RyeMan wanted to test out his new RE320 microphone on this show, and got some unexpected guests!

It’s Truth, Drink, and Confessional night at the ol’ Rated Tavern this week! Enjoy.

It’s been 13 years since father Dime left us, and we felt the need to celebrate his life. Enjoy and GetchaPull!

The group of bandits are back on RyeMan’s Birthday. Find out what kind of shenanigans the panel gets into on this extra programing.

It’s RyeMan’s Birthday and he can get right f*cked up if he wants to! This show is why we do what we do! Wow!

What was supposed to be a somewhat normal day at the office for the show, turned out to be one of the most insane and longest Rated RyeMan’s in eight seasons! Wow.

The dysfunctional duo are here to bring in the weekend! What an insane debut they had! Enjoy.

The RyeMan does a social experiment on you! Do more people really enjoy the 80’s and 90’s?

RyeMan & Brew Monkey are back! Enjoy another great, and fun few hours with your favorite dysfunctional DJ’s!

This week we turn it over to the age of MTV, and go all music video with songs this week!

The RyeMan is back to rock you towards your weekend!

Brew Monkey & The RyeMan do the back and forth 2 for 2 tunes! Enjoy.

The RyeMan’s last broadcast before he goes on a 2 week vacation. Enjoy!

We’re half way through Season 8 after this episode! What does RyeMan have in store for Remembrance Day in Canada?

The RyeMan returns to the airwaves with a special ‘Throwback Thursday’ program! What a turn out it happened to be!

DJ Lobsterdust, World famous mash-up artist takes over the program this week!

The RyeMan returns to the captains chair after being on a vacation for 3 weeks! This weeks show is a special “Halloweenie Theme”.

RyeMan and the gang are back for the last show before a 3 week hiatus. We induct a new Energy Girl, and we take a moment to show respect to Caitlyn.

The boys are back for Round 2! What trouble can they get into this week?! Find out inside.

What a show! We had a packed house when brother Moon Man joined RyeMan in studio after hours of driving. Enjoy!

He’s Back! Getting that broadcast bug is a normal occurance, and The Chiv can’t wait any longer! Find out what your favorite Italian has up his culo!

RyeMan is joined by Bruce Phyllis and company on this insane ‘Never Have I Ever’ episode! This is one of those shows you can’t pass up!

This week, RyeMan has special guest Callum on the show to play his guest playlist, and things get a little out of hand!

We’re back for round 3 of the season, and RyeMan has brought a little surprise with him. Enjoy!

He’s back for round 2 of Season 8! RyeMan is flying solo this week, let’s see what kind of trouble he can get into himself!

It’s the Season 8 Premier! We are back in full force for 20 weeks! Click inside to find out what went down!

RyeMan gets everyone hyped for the new season of The RyeMan Show on August 19th!

The RyeMan stops into the studio a few weeks early to get the mic rust off and get things rollin’ for Rated RyeMan Season 8 happening August 19th.

Jeff’s back with his group of feisty hooligans for another comedic episode this week! Enjoy.

Enjoy your favorite podcast that gets you through that pesky work week. Enjoy Nation.

Get ready for another weekly, hard hitting program to get you through your work week! Enjoy.

Enjoy another dose of your second favorite NRG Rock programming again this week!

Enjoy another audio action packed episode of the award winning podcast brought to you by TJAS Media!

Help the Brew Crew Nation and RyeMan celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday! Happy Canada Day EH!

It’s the season finale of this mother! Enjoy what was an amazing season with one more sha-bangerang show! See you for Season 8!

We pack the joint on another rockin’ weekday! Joined by many Energy Girls and Brew Crew Nation listeners we bring the Live! to another level. Enjoy!

This week Jeff and his guests discuss a whole plethora of relationship issues and take your calls! RyeMan makes his callers debut as well! Enjoy.

Escaping you of your work week stress, it’s RyeMan Live! Enjoy another fun episode!

RyeMan rocks a Throwback Thursday for the Nation this episode! Enjoy the old school tunes.

Sex, dating and relationship life coach expert Jackie Victoria stops by the NRG studios this week for the 2nd last show of the Season!

Guest Sierra “The Goddess of the Bedroom”, joins the show this week. Enjoy Nation!

RyeMan and guests discuss the last few episodes of Season 7 and who he has planned to make an appearance!

This week the panel discusses: “Relationships”. Enjoy Jeff’s first appearance in co-operation with our station!

RyeMan is joined by shirtless Bruce for this bad boy podcast. The gang talks about swindling the ladies and going two for Tuesday with your tune requests!

We’re in it for another round this week with your insane leader with a small peter RyeMan.

RyeMan is back with another extra appearance for RyeMan Live! Join him on his wacky adventure into the world of insanity won’t you?!

On this very special episode we say Happy Birthday to our fallen brother Mustang, and celebrate the life of him and recently passed on Chris Cornell.

The RyeMan ventures new territory when having his afternoon beverage and stumbled upon hardwood, and likes it! Confused? Find out inside!

The show is getting closer and closer to the 20th episode before a new season! What kind of madness does RyeMan have up his sleeve for this episode? Find out inside!

That prick RyeMan finally gets time to fit a show in, and all the misfits come out to play! We go through a whole array of topics and tunes for you to enjoy!

After a brief break, RyeMan is back for another fun filled waste of your week day! Enjoy another perverted HD edition of the flagship program!

The RyeMan returns to the land of beautiful prostitutes and language barriers, once again! See what goes down on the dark side this time, on Round 3 from Russia with the Russian Federation Brew Crew Nation family!

We rock another Rated RyeMan Show from the NEW! NRG Green Screen Studio compound. This week RyeMan was joined by Brew Monkey in studio. Find out what happens when we let the monkey out the cage?

Join us for this special Energy Rock Radio™ Live! radio show gathering! 9 years in the making! Come celebrate with us #BrewCrewNation!

We’ve broken double digit episodes for Season VII, and what a slammin’ show we have for you. (Pun intended for sure!) See you all for another HARD hitting episode. (Pun again, intended!)

The RyeMan meets up with his long time high school friend and resident hottie, MichelleXXX as they take a trip down 90’s memory lane for this installment of RyeMan Live! Put on your MC Hammer pants, and enjoy Nation!

Intern Butler is out of the studio this week, what madness will ensue if she’s not the co-whore?! Find out inside on this weeks episode, double digits baby!

RyeMan returns to the land of beautiful prostitutes and language barriers, once again! See what goes down on the dark side this time on Round 2 from Russia with the Russian Federation Brew Crew Nation family!

Intern Butler is named the replacement co-host for the foreseeable future due to contractual differences with JayCee. Also, RyeMan is on a no booze diet till April. What will a sober Rated RyeMan Show turn out to be like?! Find out this week!

It’s a special Saturday edition of the program! Will the Saucy Sirens know each other like we think they do? Join us for the first installment of The Rated Match Game!

Lucky number 7? We’ll find out! After almost getting banned AGAIN last week, what does RyeMan have up his cut-off sleeves this week? Find out on your favorite Sunday program to enjoy after church!

RyeMan visits Mother Russia for the first time! Well, okay… not the real Russia, but the virtual world. Check out this quick rockin’ show!

Will JayCee be here this week? What happened to her last show? RyeMan may be sober this entire show, can he still go? Find out this week and more!

They’re back! RyeMan and JayCee took a week off and are back to cause a ruckus! Find out what your favorite on-air duo has in store for you this week!

Since the fallout of last weeks show, will our new Energy Girl Nikki Slitz return? We stump the retard Woods again this week, with another special guest! All this and of course Co-Hosted by the lovely JayCee!

Rumor has it that the Saucy Sirens enjoyed their appearance last week so much that they may return again this week! What does Metal Jesus RyeMan have in store for this weeks program? Find out inside Nation!

Well, Brew Crew Nation! We survived the return and 1st show back, and it was OFF THE hook! Will the second installment far exceed our expectations? Find out this Sunday LIVE! featuring Energy Girl JayCee.

What does Santa RyeMan have for you during the last show of the year? Find out inside his sack…

The RyeMan returns with the first Live! broadcast of the year! Energy Girl JayCee also makes her co-host debut! Find out what they have in store for you in Season VII.