BCN Wrestling Episodes

We’ve finally struck a deal to get back on BCNtv Programming, and we did it with this HUGE event! We went ALL. IN.

It’s a WCW Super Show! Who will be on the card this week invading BCN?

Enjoy the first Free-Per-View of the season!

Enjoy another hard hitting, action packed fantasy wrestling event!

What will go down from San Jose, California this week for Episode 3 lead by GM Elias?!

The talent hits the road on all three locations for the first time this Season with Mr. Elias at the head of the ship. Find out what went down!

It’s our first episode of a new Season! Join Fozzy, OMD, and new commentator Rebel at ringside as we kick this bad boy off!

We give the nation a sneak peak into Season V! Who will be GM of the new season, and who will be No.1 contender for Moose’s World Title?

We love giving away freebies! Get your desktop ready for the hardest hitting fantasy wrestling league around. Season V debuts December 3rd!

This is it! 20+ weeks that lead to the biggest night in fantasy wrestling history! It’s WrestleMania season for the fourth year running! Who will enter the Elimination Chamber and leave BCN World Champion!?

It’s ONE of the BIG TWO shows of the season! For the first time ever, witness the first ever “Champions Challenge” Hell In A Cell Match. Watch it LIVE! this August on Free-Per-View!

Can you smell the sweet aroma of firings in the air? We know Vince can! Welcome to the ‘do or die’ event of the season! Who will have jobs going into BattleBorn IV and WrestleMania? Find out THIS SUNDAY!

We are one week away from Survivor Series! Who will get their last shot at the bright lights and T.V. time before they could be possibly FIRED!? Find out this week!

With OMD as the new Heavyweight Champion, what does that mean for his friends and foes coming up to Survivor Series in 2 weeks?

We turn up the spooky early this year, as we start the Queen of the Ring Tournament and make our way to Survivor Series!

It’s the hottest Free-Per-View of the summer! It all goes down from the city of Boston, Mass. and it’s going to be one for the record books! Join us LIVE!

From one extreme to the other this week! We head over to New Jersey as CZW welcomes us into their Combat Zone! What does BCN have in store for the week before Summer Slam, and how will it shape up next weeks huge FPV?! Find out this week!

What a back and forth struggle the company is in as of late! We’re beginning to heat up, and we’re not planning on stopping until WrestleMania! What is next for the war at hand? Find out as we go to the land of the extreme, once again in Philly!

We take it to the sand, sort of… this week! As we get another week closer to SummerSlam, what havoc will the Ministry of Shadows conjure up? Why did The Rock appear at the end of TakeOver: Toronto? All these questions and more hopefully to be answered LIVE!

We’re in the great North again this week! With all the madness brought on by the Undertaker and returning xZEMx at Payback this past weekend, what else will unfold as we begin our road to Summerslam!

It’s time to put feuds to rest and make sure that things get settled, once and for all! Remember, if they wrestle each other then they may not the rest of the season!

The weeks leading up to this night have been reckless to say the least! Finally! The Staples Center in L.A., hosts the hottest war to hit BCN Wrestling! Watch LIVE! this Tuesday on Free Per View!

As the rosters begin to build and the tempers begin to rise, what will happen when we are joined by WCW stars all wanting that last taste of fame and glory? Find out this week as we get closer and closer to Clash of the Champions!

3 Weeks out from seemingly the biggest power struggle in BCN Wrestling history, only time will tell who will be the sole control leading into BattleBorn IV. Who will be in attendance this week? Who will be drafted to either roster?! Find out Live!

With this latest season of the BCN in a state of chaos, between GMBox & The Grime Collective, what could possibly go down the week after TakeOver: Brooklyn? Find out this coming week!

What is the state of the BCN rosters coming out of last weeks SmackDown!? Will Triple H defend his World Title in MSG?! So many unanswered questions will be answered this Friday Live!

This just in! An open challenge has been laid out to the McMahon family from disgruntled employees! What does this mean for the last show before TakeOver: Brooklyn next week? Find out this week!

Triple H successfully defended his World Title last week, so who is No.1 contender? With Fozzy and OMD no longer having jobs, what will be the state of BCN’s roster management? Find out this week on RAW!

We have a NEW! World Champion from TLC! What are the fates of OMD and Fozzy? What does this mean for the current roster wars? Will any ECW allumni be in attendance? Find out from Philly this week!

We’re in GMBox’s backyard this week, Scotland! Is HBK MITB Champion? Will Nia Jax be in attendance? Who will walk away Women’s Heavyweight Bitchslap Champion?! Find out inside, as we bust out the goodies!

We throw down in Seattle, WA. this week! Who will return as the WCW alumni for one more go? What else will go down one week before the TLC FPV? Find out!

This week we are getting back to the times of old! The good ol’ NWA! Will GMBox be in attendance? Will AJ Styles retain the MITB Title? Find it all out, this week!

With the controversy surrounding the United Kingdom Title last week, will GMBox grant the rematch? Who is this signed Japanese Legend we’ve been hearing about set to appear this week? Find out inside!

What will be the aftermath of last weeks Royal Rumble FPV? Will Big E remain the Heavyweight Champion by the end of the night?! Find out inside!

Who will reign supreme? Who will stand alone, as the one true survivor? Season IV kicks off with it’s first Free-Per-View event!

Check out the Top 3 picks of Fozzy & OMD take each other on 1 on 1! Also, all 3 NEW! Money In The Belts will be on the line as we decide it’s holders heading into the new season starting January 2nd!

If you missed the draft, here is the full video in it’s entirety. What a special night it was! Sit back and enjoy the madness!