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BCN Wrestling Locker Room

The weeks leading up to this night have been reckless to say the least! Finally! The Staples Center in L.A., hosts the hottest war to hit BCN Wrestling! Watch LIVE! this Tuesday on Free Per View!

As the rosters begin to build and the tempers begin to rise, what will happen when we are joined by WCW stars all wanting that last taste of fame and glory? Find out this week as we get closer and closer to Clash of the Champions!

3 Weeks out from seemingly the biggest power struggle in BCN Wrestling history, only time will tell who will be the sole control leading into BattleBorn IV. Who will be in attendance this week? Who will be drafted to either roster?! Find out Live!

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Check out 102.DLG Radio Orlando’s Tuesday Weekly Rundown show archived episodes. The audio of the show will be updated here every Tuesday night!